5 Ways to Entertain at Home

Having a hard time figuring out what to do in lockdown? Or perhaps the kids are going wild and need some fun things to do whilst spending more time at home? Either way, here are 5 great ways to inspire creativity and make the most of your time at home.

  1. Read a Book

  2. Cliché? Yes but true, now is a great time to finally get to all those books collecting dust on the shelves. And the kids? Get them to choose a book too! If they aren’t too keen, try letting them order a book online so they get excited to choose their very own book that they can wait for in the mail.

  3. Order a Paper Club Mystery Box

  4. There’s nothing more fun than the suspense and delight of ordering a Mystery Box online! It’s exciting to order and wait for your gift in the mail. When you get to actually receiving and opening the box, it’s like a surprise present to yourself. With our crafty and stationery mystery boxes, you’re also getting a great deal in the process. So shop our Mystery Boxes and choose the one that looks the most inspiring for you and your kids.

  5. Start a Garden

  6. It doesn’t matter if it’s for yourself or for your kids, starting a garden is a great activity to entertain for weeks! It’s also a great way to get outside and enjoy the sun while you’re at it. So pop on by to the local gardening shop or shop online to grab seedlings, pots and all the gardening stuff you need to get started on your at-home garden.

  7. Paint a masterpiece

  8. No matter your skill level, painting is a great way to channel your inner creativity. There are plenty of amazing tutorials and even paint by numbers that you can find online to keep you or your kids entertained for days. So find your nearest art supply store or go online to find some supplies to create your beautiful masterpiece.

  9. Take up Cooking

  10. Always wanted to improve your cooking skills? Well now is the time to finally try those audacious food creations you’ve been dreaming of! And if you have kids it’s even better. There’s no better way to inspire the kiddo’s with a really good home-cooked meal that they have cooked themselves. So, find some recipes that you’re dying to try and freshen up those cooking skills!

Any creative activities will be your saving grace through isolation. To make things even easier for you, we recommend subscribing to our Monthly Stationery box to receive stationery goodies and activities every month - treat yourself, you deserve it!

From all of us at The Paper Club, we hope these fun at-home ideas will help you through your isolation boredom!

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